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Renting out a home

Traditionally, many Australians opt to rent their homes.  In face, over two million households across the country live in rental properties.
For some, renting a home can be the launch pad to independence.  For others, it’s the first step onto the property ladder.
For many people though, it’s the preferred option for a flexible, short-term living arrangement, or the ideal solution to free-up funds for other financial commitments.

Whatever the reason, millions of Australians continue to rent the homes they live in.  By following our handy tips, we can help you avoid any pitfalls along the way so you can get the very most out of your rental experience.

What to do as a tenant

  • Thoroughly read your tenancy agreement, and always ask an Elders Property Management Consultant about anything you don’t fully understand before you sign
  • Always keep copies of agreements, reports, correspondence and ALL payment receipts
  • Arrange to have utilities connected and billed to your name
  • Get written permission if you plan to sub-let or assign the tenancy agreement to someone else
  • Put all request to the real estate agent/landlord in writing
  • Make sure you pay your rent on time and keep your property clean and tidy to a reasonable standard
  • Ask for permission to install fixtures or when performing any maintenance or alterations to the property
  • Conform to the laws and obligations in local council area.