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First Impressions Count

When it comes to real estate, the heart and the head are working together.  Al well presented home will not only stand out from the crowd and encourage more inspections, it can ensure a higher sale price.

On the other hand, a home that looks shabby and neglected may turn prospective buyers away even before they’ve had an inspection.

Put yourself in the position of a potential buyer and go through the property starting at the front with your agent, itemising the most cost-effective enhancements to make.  At Elders, we have negotiated arrangements with interior designers, property stylists, landscape gardeners and trades people to help make these changes easily.

Here is a sample list of enhancement items that will start you thinking.

Leading Up To the Homes Front Door

  • Begin garden improvements as soon as you decide to sell.  This will give time to new plants or fertilised grass to get established
  • Mow the grass (and the nature strip if required), weed and tidy up any garden beds including adding a few new plants.  Cut back overhanging branches, trim hedges and sweep the pathways
  • Paint the gate and the letterbox if they need it
  • Rake up leaves and dispose of any branches, cuttings, and debris. Store tools and bins or arrange them tidily and roll up the hose

The Exterior

  • Up to a point, repair and repaint any part of the home that looks run down or shabby. consider the gutters, facia, doors and windows
  • Check and fix any rotten timber that’s part of stairs, railings, deckboards etc.
  • Generally, clean the exterior. Bright sparkling windows and clean frames make a big difference

The Interior

  • The walls and ceilings may need washing down. At a minimum, remove any stains wherever they are. Skirting boards are often overlooked. You may need to get the carpets cleaned
  • Doors and window frames should be cleaned and pained if required
  • The kitchen and bathroom(s) must be spotless ( and no doubt they are in your home! ) Buyers open and shut doors, cupboards, fridges and ovens. They inspect any appliances that are being sold with the house. these should all be clean and in working order
  • In the bathroom remove ant mildew and clean the grouting. A new shower curtain will be inexpensive and is a good idea
  • To increase a sense of spaciousness, put any non-essential items of furniture away in cupboards and open curtains and blinds
  • You can consider actually “styling” your home by hiring in other furniture, hanging pictures and placing mirrors where they can create a larger room size impression. The same applies to an outside area like a patio or garden which can “dressed” if necessary with the right sort of outdoor entertaining furniture

Open Days

Most buyers will be visiting more than one home on the same day so its competition time. The following finishing touches will help ice the cake. Make sure the home is warm in winter and cool in summer

  • Put fresh flowers in some of the rooms, white or coloured towels in the bathroom(s) according to the overall colour scheme and a bowl of fruit in the kitchen
  • Set the formal dining room table and set the outside table as if  you were expecting guests
  • Fresh brewed coffee smells inviting
  • Make the house nice and tidy but not to the point where it looks barren and as if no one actually lives there
  • Ask a friend to look after your dog or cat and make sure the home is free from any “pet” smells
  • Hose down paths, lawn and flowerbeds
  • Relax, go and have a coffee at a friends house or cafe – leave the rest to your Elders agent